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 Catalyst's Characters

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PostSubject: Catalyst's Characters   Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:39 pm

Name: Benjamin (Last Name Unkown)
Gender: Male

Age: 23

Race: Human

Position: Unkown


- Longsword Rapier Imbued with Shadow Magic -

Primary Element(s):

- Blood -
- Shadow -

Physical Description:

^Minus the Swastika.
^^Minus the pistol.

Politcal Beliefs: Revisionist

Back Story:

Born into wealth and power, through his parenthood. He was born into the noble family of Hawke, but had detached parents who cared little for him. He had a multitude of servants and maids to play with, and his parents would buy him whatever he asked on a whimsy, but this was no substitute for real parents.

As he grew up, he became more and more detached and resenting of his parents. Until one day, he poisoned them in their sleep. Soon afterwards, he was found out and forced to flee; but not before taking a large majority of his village with him.

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Catalyst's Characters
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