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 Lance the Dragon Rider.

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PostSubject: Lance the Dragon Rider.   Lance the Dragon Rider. EmptyWed May 18, 2011 4:17 am

First Name: Lance Mires

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Dark Elf

Position: Dragon Rider

Appearance: Lance the Dragon Rider. Lance10

Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'2

Relationship Status: Single

Eye - Color: Dark

Hobbies:Lance enjoys flying out on his dragon scoping the lands and practicing his art, A powerful mage already his elven blood allows him to do more than Humans and boosted by his dragon even more than elves. Practicing with his weapon, Spending time with his dragons and other riders, Keeping the peace.

Personality: Lance is a very daunting person. outspoken, brave, Courageous, dangerous all amount up to who he is. Other than that he is nice with a level head and a quick smile. He loves to help others and often times sees it as his duty to educate the young and learn from the old. He is calm most of the time and very hard to anger. He likes peace and quiet but rile his blood and he changes to a dangerous unmerciful opponent.

History: Lance was born in a small tribe to the North and raised amongst Dark elves, Elves said to have come across the sea from another world. Skilled in war and battle but like there brethren they enjoyed peace and nature. They were allowed into Du Weldenvarden and given a city where they flourished and the new Riders found to there luck the elves shared the same blood so the pact made would work with Dark elves as well. Lance was the first to have a baby dragon hatch for him.

Lance was taken to the Keep and trained as a Apprentice doing impossible tasks to increase his strength and while working he cursed and used magic. After that he was rushed to private tutors and trained in the art of Magic. The elders were proud to see the Dark elves were stronger in magic than even normal elves coming from a world of war and battle had hardened there blood with more magic.

Lance was twelve when he was taken away from home and trained and by seventeen he was a tall powerful warrior with a wise head. His dragon grew as well but that is another story. Finally Lance is old enough to leave the keep and had his own blade made a double sided blade.

Weapons: As seen above.

Dragon Name: Fury

Personality: Fury is a dragon plain and simple. he loves flying, eating, and striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. He shares the love and bond of Lance his rider and closest friend. On his own he is wild, free, and ready for a fight with a barbed tongue and itchy claws. Lance is the only one who can calm him.

History: Fury hatched to Lance of the Dark elves and brought to the keep where they bonded and became one mind and one heart, Fury was taught by dragons and riders as was Lance and sometimes together other times apart. he received lessons of only things dragons learned and also the ways of races and languages. He spent most free time with lance enjoying there bond then the happiest day arrived when they finished there training and were finally able to be together. Fury had grown into a powerful Blood red dragon. Finally his enemies would fear him for what he was a Dragon.

Appearance: Lance the Dragon Rider. Fury10
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Lance the Dragon Rider.
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