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 //Finally Home//

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PostSubject: //Finally Home//   //Finally Home// EmptyWed Jan 12, 2011 10:19 pm

It has certainly been a while. The thought entered Eluesia's mind as she looked out across the lake she used to spend hours upon hours staring at. Her wedding ring was somewhere below those waves, buried under years worth of dirt and sand.

Not that that mattered now.

Well, stop complaining about it already. I'm growing tired of it The emerald green dragon besides her stretched his wings and yawned, showing brilliant white teeth. Eluesia gave him a sidelong glance and brushed a lock of silver hair behind one long elven ear. Wyrda, You're the king of complaining -too much sun, too cold, too rainy, not enough sheep around- And you're honestly telling me to stop it? Come now, listen to your own advice, oh wise one. She laughed at her own words, something she did quite often.

I am wondering if anyone will remember me. And if they do, will they shun me for abandoning them? I can't imagine they would, but it is still something to worry about...They actually probably won't know who I am because of this blonde hair...Oh well, I needed a change... Her voice faded into the air. Wyrda let out a dragon-like sigh Stop talking already.

Eluesia knew he was kidding, but it wasn't helping her mood. She looked back out at the lake, wondering where her old friends were now.
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//Finally Home//
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