Dangerous Dragons, Helping Humans, and Vindictive Vampires(who don't sparkle.) Yeah, you're hooked aren't you?
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//Eluesia// Race-elf-002

Name//Eluesia (El-oo-ii-zia)

Age//225 Years


Element//Water is her original. She has learned all of them over time. She can also heal.


Relationship Status//Single and -trust me- it should stay that way.

Eye Color//Bright Green

Hair Color/Style//Used to be a dark brown, almost black, but since leaving her old life behind, it is now a bright blonde, almost white. Length is about mid-back.



Weapons//She owns an emerald riders blade, named Haldthin ('Thorn Apple')and used to have a bow, but lost it after recieving Haldthin. Since then, she is a bit stiff with a bow and enjoys swordplay a lot more.

Clothing//Eluesia enjoys tight-fitting clothes. They help her move around with ease. Green and brown (Earthy colors)are the most common colors. Sometimes she wears Blue or Silver.

Personality//Eluesia acts like quite the idiot...QUITE the idiot...But don't let that fool you. She used to be very stuck up, not even talking to anyone who wasn't an elf and was always serious, but after becoming a rider, she began to slowly hide that part of herself away, replacing it with a happy, cheery shell. She enjoys Power, drinking, fighting, eating, sleeping, flying with Wyrda, and money. She is very Shallow, and is always hanging out with the highest bidder. Offer her some Power, or Money, and she'll do whatever you want. You can find her in the local tavern taking shots with the locals.

//Eluesia// Green_dragon

Name//Wyrda ('Fate')

Age//117 Years



Scale Color//Emerald Green



Personality//Was at one time very protective of Eluesia, but has realized that watching her every move is useless. So hes given up. But he puts a little effort into it. He likes to swim, sleep, fly, and eat. Yes, you could call him lazy, but he does like a good fight once in a while. Is loyal to Eluesia and will follow her, even if her actions are morally wrong.
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