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 Meg's Characters

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PostSubject: Meg's Characters   Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:41 pm

There's a picture of Percy here-http://flufftheduck.deviantart.com/#/d35y4tb
I just put it on DeviantART because I needed to post something up there.
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PostSubject: Re: Meg's Characters   Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:33 pm

Pictures here-http://flufftheduck.deviantart.com/#/d4dnlqn




Personality-To sum it up, Percy is apathetic and lazy. If he's just met you, he'll be polite, but won't really make an effort to get to know you. He prefers to be alone most of the time, and doesn't talk much. He tends to space out a lot. If you do know him, he's a good listener and fairly empathetic, and can have a pretty wry sense of humor. He doesn't like to talk about himself.

Backstory-Percy was the third-born into a poor, but large, family. His father was a chimney sweep, and his mother worked at a small inn. His older sisters worked with his mother and he started to apprentice under his father, since neither could afford a proper apprenticeship for their children. When Percy was around twelve, he was offered a job at a circus, as a tightrope walker. The pay was much better than he got cleaning chimneys, so he accepted, planning to send the money home to help his family. However, the ringmaster became unwilling to pay him and the other performers, so along with Shelby and half the circus, he escaped.

Afterwards, there was a fight within the group and they split up into two separate troupes, with Shelby leading the one Percy was in. They traveled for a while, performing on the streets to scrape a living. They eventually reached the capital of Alagaesia.

While they were there, a thief stole two dragon eggs from the palace. The king dispatched an assassin to catch the thief, kill him, and retrieve the eggs. The assassin caught the thief, but found no eggs on him. He had apparently passed them on to another person. The "person" were Percy and Shelby.

The assassin eventually caught sight of Percy with the egg. And then Percy was hanging out on a roof and the assassin just kinda pushed him off in an attempt to kill him, but he only broke his leg and blacked out. The assassin, assuming he was dead, simply left.

The bone never healed properly, so Percy was forced to leave the troupe and strike out on his own, since he couldn't work anymore. He wandered around for a couple of years before crossing paths with the Riders.

Fighting style-Street fighting. He can use a staff, but doesn't care to carry it around with him everywhere he goes. He isn't very strong, but is agile and flexible. His balance is compromised by his gimp leg, but he works around it.

Magic style-A natural water elemental, but unskilled at everything else. He can manipulate water freely if it's present in his current environment, and often uses it to accentuate his punches and kicks. He can talk to and command wind spirits; whether they listen or not is out of his control. One wind spirit, Puzzle, follows him around like a faithful dog. Percy could theoretically fly with the help of the wind spirits, but finds the lack of a solid, opaque surface under his feet unnerving.

Misc.-Likes high perches, birds, and musical instruments and the music they produce, though he can't play an instrument himself. Limps. One eye is blue, the other is black. No one else can see the wind spirits so people think he's crazy.

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Meg's Characters
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