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 Tarik's Characters

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Tarik Aksuez

Tarik Aksuez

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First Name: Tarik Adnan

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Race: Human

Position: Mercenary

Primary Element(s): Air, for his mood is unruly as the wind.

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6'2

Relationship Status: Single

Eye - Color: Green

Hobby: Writting poetry, indulging in simple pleasures, eating sweets (Very important) and finding treasures or rather gaining things of worth in his eyes.

Personality: Tarik is overally competitive and has a tendency of coming off as a prideful prick. He is quite social but at times his shear blutness gets him into trouble with people. He has no shame and he won't hesitate to tell you whats on his mind. Also, with all his lavish outfits and constant mask wearing many people may think that there is something off with him and they're not completely wrong. He’s not the sanest of the lot but who’s actually sane anyway? On top of all this Tarik has a possessive nature and hates losing. He can be quite ruthless especially when something dear to him is threatened or even just if one was to provoke him into a fight. If push comes to pull Tarik will gladly engage in violence and with an enthusiasm that can be a little unsettling. He’s determined and pig headish which sometimes gives him the image of being arrogant (which he is especially to those he doesn’t really like). It doesn’t help that he’s also pushy and will not cease until he gets his way. However, he does have his finer points for example his love of guests and his enthusiasm in sharing his culture. Tarik can also be quite formal but only to a certain extent. The good thing about this man is that he’s very comfortable with himself no matter how awkward you try to make him feel.

Weapons: As seen above.
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Tarik's Characters
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