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 Sam's Rant

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PostSubject: Sam's Rant   Sam's Rant EmptyFri Apr 09, 2010 11:09 am

So, here I am chilling in my room, trying to sleep. The winds howling away and I'm pretty excited that it is going to rain. Yay! So I can go jogging in the morning. I finally fall asleep listening to Rhapsody of Fire to drown out the wind. I wake up, look outside and....
Snow, everywhere! *violent curse*

As if we Canadians don't get enough of it. o.0 And not too mention the wind is coming so hard from the west that it is literally blowing everything away. I should go check on my cats and my barbeque.

The irony about this? My friend wanted to jump on his trampoline, but everytime he does, it immediately snows or rains. Well, he jumped on his trampoline yesterday, even thought I told him not to do it!

And he damn well cursed us all for at least five days till all the snow disappears... if it does.

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Sam's Rant
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